A Freshman‘s guide to NSIT

An alarm clock set at 8:00 AM.

A bag neatly packed with 2-3 notebooks.

A full sized stainless steel tiffin packed with extra paranthas for the day.

And a coy smile spread over a geeky face.

With diabolical nervousness spreading like a deadly poison in his entire body the fresher sets to begin a new phase of his life –engineering!

With the first day of college all on its way, this little creature has suffered a hysterical case of extreme emotions exploding anxiety and excitement all at once.

Well, all seems perfect and exactly like the plan!

Isn’t it dear fresher?

Now if that’s what you have thought of about your engineering then I might let you in for a little surprise.

Engineering is exactly not this!

Dear Fresher, if you think that this phase of life is just like your good old school days when you then be taken aback. Now let me begin by calming you with my holy engineering starter pack ‘dhoop’ becoming your savior from all kinds of ‘backs’, ’detention’ and of course ahem…ahem ‘lack of attention’.

Now, if you don’t want to get boggled up with all those questions in mind then I would love to take you through ‘The Freshman’s guide at NSIT’. Yes, that’s right your one-stop destination to all ‘Fresher waali problems’.

So, let’s begin!

CHAPTER 1:  First Day

So, as written in the holy scriptures of our seniors and pass outs this is one of the most awkward, dream-ish and disciplined kind of college day ever. A fresher is generally feeling awkward about how to go about by breaking some ice with his/her classmates, disciplined as in he better not get caught being nefarious so as to maintain his good image..etc..etc.

And trust me one week hence you won’t recognize this ‘school ka baccha’ anymore.

      Points to ponder

  • Interaction is a must for every Fresher in order to know your college well and settle in. Your school days are over so shed that badge of nervousness and get talking!
  • Try to remember your class routes and places of high importance like ‘Library’,’Mccain’,’Mini Zayca’, ’Central Fountain’ etc. As many would use these terminologies to guide you and you don’t want to spend your day running like ‘Mogli’ in a 145 acres campus. No not this!
  • Explore! Explore and Explore! This time ain’t coming again and you don’t want to miss this by attending all your scheduled classes :p

CHAPTER 2:  Hunting Your Course Books

Also, don’t fall into the trap of getting laid back in collecting your course books on time because you will never know when the monstrous mid-sems will knock your doors and you will find yourself in its clutches. While NSIT’s library does offer a ‘Book Bank’ system you definitely will not get all of your desired books all the time.

      Points to ponder

  • Log in to find ReadersCrib as it claims to offer the best deals on book rentals.
  • Keep a check on your category’s dates to issue books from the book bank.
  • Be in good books of the staff members of the library you never know who comes to help when required.

CHAPTER 3:  Indulging in cultural societies and events

This is the fun zone! After dreading yourself into rigorous studying for two long years you’ve earned a little right to enjoy yourself. NSIT offers a varied spectrum of cultural societies and clubs all of which do wonders in building a great bonding with your peers and also gives you a chance to follow your hidden talents.

      Points to ponder

  • Don’t be a bookworm with a gloomy personality venture out into your hobbies and create some great network!
  • Some of the cultural societies also proffer ‘Position of Responsibility’ something which you can flaunt on your resumes.

CHAPTER 4:  The Balance Act

The engineering dream is all good till you have struck the balance chord right. So, make abundant memories while keeping your career goals in focus. This is the best time of your life so make sure to make the best things to happen. To all those late nights at hostel or begging your professors for that one attendance keep filling in your bank of college moments with fun-loving immortal moments.

Happy Engineering Fresher!

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