Power of a Book

Imagine yourself sitting with a book and a cup of coffee and pleasant early morning. What more can you ask for a bright start to a day.

Now imagine yourself sitting on your bed in comfy clothes and a book in hand.The above mentioned episodes shows us the refreshing side of a book.


But this is not all. A book possesses a lot of power and immense knowledge to its reader. Different genre’s books gives us different learning. Take an example of a  Bollywood movie “Oh my God”. A story about a common man stuck in a problem. He finds a solution to it by reading Indian Mythological books Bhagvad Gita, Bible and Kuran. It shows us the problem solving power of a book.

Reading any book adds a different dimension to your mind. It opens a new way to think and adds some new ideas to solve your day-to-day problems. Imagine a science graduate reading an accounts text book, felt a bit weird right? But you need to learn this if you want to start a new business.

In this era of digitalisation we get everything on our tip of hand but it cannot replace the charisma of a book reading experience. There are N number of solutions available on internet but a book holds an exact solution and a reliable one. Moreover there are no distractions unlike a mobile phone. This is the result-driven power of a book.

Indian ancestors knew the power of a book, that’s why they worshipped it as Goddess of Saraswati. A book educates us, gives us the power to imagine any situation and takes us throught a different adventure every time we read. It isolates us from our present and puts us in a different dimension altogether. This much multi-dimensional power a book possesses.


A Book is a gift you can open again and again.  -Garrison Keillor

It is indeed pleasing to read a book. It adds suspense if you are reading a thriller book , It adds a humour if you are reading a comic-book , It adds love if you are reading a romantic novel, It adds many emotions if you are reading a drama-novel. list may end but the power and versatility of a book won’t.


All of us remember ourselves reading fairy tales when we were child. They are the steeping stones of our life. The value of fairy tales lies not in a brief literary escape from reality, but in the hope that goodness and truth truly is more powerful than evil and that even the darkest and worst reality can lead to a Happily Ever After. Do not take that gift of hope lightly. It has the power to conquer despair in the midst of sorrow, to light the darkness in the valleys of life, to whisper “One more time” “Don’t give up” in the face of failure. Hope is what gives life to all the dreams, making the fairy tale the reality. It shows the hidden Power a book possesses.


There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book.   -Frank Serafini

But there are still some people who don’t like to read a book. Simply because they are not aware of the power a book possesses. Greatest gift you can ever give to your children or friend or loved ones is the habit of reading. It will help them forever.

A house without books is like a room without windows. -Heinrich Mann

So open windows of your mind and start reading a book. Get ready for the adventure and take a new adventure every day and Don’t forget the power of a book. Happy Reading.

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