The Great Indian Fresher’s Myths

If you have ever been into Yash Chopra’s Bollywood movies or cried over Karan johar’s over the top drama scenes then my dear friend you have been categorized and duly stamped as a ‘The Bollywood Fuccha’.

To bring about some clarity in your cloudy state of mixing Bollywood college life v/s real college life we bring to you 5 myths that every Indian fresher has about college life prevalent in India.

So, with all the pomp and glory as you take the pious ‘maa ke hath ki dahi chini’ and step in to start you college journey make sure to go through the following myths that you might have been unknowingly clinging on to!


SCENE 1:  You need to be a hunky dude or a dressing diva to be cool.

Thanks to K3G we all Indian fucchas believe that a chubby ‘Golu’ had to lose some weight, improve his fashion choices and eventually woo the always dolled up campus diva ‘Poo’ in order to fantasize his college crowd. No way!

You may find popular dudes and fancy divas in your college but the story doesn’t revolve around only them! There is a lot more to people than their looks, lifestyle and money and people eventually realize that. So, the biggest lesson of all doesn’t guise yourself as anyone you believe is cool. Being you is the new cool!

SCENE 2: Professors are angry, young (*old) men.

Well, this is not always true. You might get some cheeky attendance freaks but they are definitely not the cold-hearted bad men from ‘Agnipath’.

In fact, even if you land up with any one of them stay calm, cool and little away from any anti disciplinary activities. Otherwise, you may not find such scary professors as they might not be so much involved in the class let alone you :p.

SCENE 3: College life is easy breezy with cool songs playing in the background and it’s all about trips and fun.

Pleasant to listen but a thousand miles away from reality. Hard and the truth. College life isn’t superficial like shown in the movies it is much more than that. Not saying that there is no fun. We do have some of the best days of our lives here but to say its easy would be a lie. One has to strive for attendance, set out career goals and figure out who really means good for us.

In the end, we need to remember why we are here for – financial freedom and independence. So, amidst the gala of fun, it definitely takes some sweat to achieve your goals.

SCENE 4:  Seniors are hulk like bullies or over the top Disney villains.

Now, blame whoever you want to but the truth is that most of the seniors you meet are none of the above. In fact, you may find some of the best advice and help from them. They definitely won’t have enough time chasing you like cats and dogs just for getting a fool out of you and neither are they going to be plotting some dramatic schemes to get you out the way. This just happens in movies and let it stay that way!

So, stop shirking out your seniors and get some time for bonding with them.

SCENE 5:  You definitely will make friends like 3 Idiots, ZNMD etc.

Again, sad but true. Not everyone you meet will be your well-wisher sometimes you may find yourself trapped in the hands of opportunists and velvet friends. They may use you when needed and then abandon you before you even know it. So, save yourself from such heartbreaking reality and always trust your gut while pursuing what is right or wrong for you. Being not so pessimistic you may also be lucky enough to find some genuine friends but looking out for yourself will never be a bad option. Self before anything!

With filmy myths busted we hope you remain positive and pursue your ‘Fresher days’ with a healthy outlook. So, what are you waiting for fresher?

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